Candleholders / Accessories

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26 cm ( 10,23 inch )


13 cm ( 5,11 inch )


14 cm ( 5,51 inch )

Please note

A naked flame should never be left in a draft or near flammable objects. Never leave a burning candle or place it within reach of children. Candles should always be extinguished before they reach the holder. Always ensure candles are placed on a surface that can withstand the heat from the candle.



Designed by Denis Guidone design studio



A candleholder disguised as a vase – or the other way round? Denis Guidone has designed this series, which has been created to showcase your flowers and candles in the most beautiful way. Roji’s slanted mouth adds functionality and a stylish edge to your interior decor, giving the design a little extra weight, which was the designer’s intention.

Designed by Denis Guidone

Multifunctional design

Made of glass



I am fascinated and inspired by the contrasts between the East and the West, and my design work precisely balances the aesthetics of these two extremes. To me, beauty is something that arises in the dialogue between the rational and the irrational and between different cultures – this is where I find my inspiration. Good design should also be useful, which is why I am particularly inspired by people and how they use products and furniture in their daily lives. I look at movements and use. To me, simplicity is the result of a complex process, and good design should be functional and poetic at the same time.

5 years