Sofas / Indoor

 1899.00 2499.00 s DPH

Delivery time : 4 - 7 weeks
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270 cm ( 106,29 inch )


78/110 cm ( 30,70 / 43,30 inch )

Seat width

58 cm ( 22,83 inch )

Seat height

45 cm ( 17,71 inch )

Back height

86 cm ( 33,85 inch )

Table top

Ø40 cm (15,74 inch )

Filling, back

Cold foam with polyester wadding

Filling, seat

Cold foam with polyester wadding

Handmade in Europe

Designed by Santiago Bautista


Pebble series

A special sofa should attract admiration, attention and wonder. With its unique design and shape, Pebble does just this and more. The asymmetric outer appearance might be a talking point, but one thing not up for discussion is its quality. Pebble is manufactured to the highest standards, and all sofas are quality-tested to ensure high quality and longevity for each sofa that leaves its safe environment to end in yours. A sofa that is designed to be a talking point for many years to come.

Designed by Santiago Bautista, Bau Design

Produced in Europe

Asymmetric, iconic design

Available in a range of sizes, materials and colours. Please contact us.



As a designer, my great passion is to remove any unnecessary noise, making the design appear as pared-back and clean as possible. It also means that all the details in the final design have been meticulously considered, right down to the very least detail. My background as an architect and my Spanish origins inspire and influence my work as a designer. However, I find most of my inspiration in Copenhagen’s vibrant city life, where I’ve been living since 2012. My designs are created with the desire to bring something new and fresh to the Scandinavian design tradition.

5 years