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114 cm ( 44,88 inch )


35 cm ( 13,77 inch )

Seat height

42 cm ( 16,53 inch )




Wood – Solid oak


Designed by Outofstock



FLOAT is a classic bench in quality materials. Its size makes it easy to pull the bench around to wherever its needed. FLOAT is attractive and made from exquisite materials and is already a classic.

Elegant bench

Made of solid materials

A modern classic



We are very passionate about our work. We love simplicity (something extremely difficult to achieve). We believe the little details are the ones that make a difference. We admire nature and try to learn as much as possible from it. We are aware this job has embedded a big responsibility as we are bringing new objects to life that will have a direct or indirect relation with the people and our environment. We try to transmit emotions to the end user in every new piece we create. We are inspired by almost everything surrounding us. A handful of snow trapped in a leaf from a tree or a marine flag can be the perfect catalyst to starting a new project. That is why it is so important to keep our eyes wide opened, trying to learn as much as possible from what we see and experience day by day. As many things in this life design is also quite subjective. What is great for us can be considered normal or bad to other persons. For us, a great design has to be functional and at the same time it has to generate attraction in the person that is in front of it. It is the result of a perfect balance between form, colour and materials.

5 years